How Blue Carbon can cool coral reefs

oPods can cushion the effects of global warming

Blue Carbon’s oPods delivers colder water directly to threatened coral reefs, protecting them from the immediate impacts of global warming.

Reversing coral bleaching: bone to bloom

Depending on the severity of the bleaching event, coral reefs bleached by acidic warm water could return to full colour, as oPods mimic natural upwelling. 

Wave-powered oPods

oPod pumps are powered by waves, wind and currents. They don’t add anything to the ocean: they recirculate seawater, mimicking natural upwelling.

Low to no opex

oPods need little maintenance. Designed for an ocean life of 25 years, they’re fully automated – engineered to move themselves where they’re needed.

Respond locally, report globally

oPods can be fitted with a range of ocean-health sensors.  When networked, they can give an overview of entire reef health.

CoralPod: how it works

Tethered oPods collect deep, cold water bringing it directly to an oPod 'sprinkler' at the reef, where it’s distributed.

This cool water can lower spikes in temperature and balance the conditions needed to restore the growth of coral ecosystems.

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