How Blue Carbon helps fisheries and aquaculture

A healthy ocean can help feed our future

Blue Carbon provides an innovative solution that lowers costs and increases primary productivity.

Your sustainable solution

oPods bring cold, aerated water to fish pens, improving stock health, stock growth and reducing mortality.

Slash your diesel costs

oPod pumps are powered by waves, wind and currents (and have a back-up battery), which means diesel bills are cut dramatically.

Low to no opex

Blue Carbon’s autonomous oPods need little maintenance. Designed for an ocean life of 25 years, they measure changes in local conditions, they can also be equipped with sensors if needed, allowing them to automatically alter water flow as conditions change.

Lower acidity

oPods are designed to continuously circulate cold seawater. This can assist with reducing seawater acidification, removing reliance on alkaline enhancements, working towards healthy habitats and healthy fisheries.

Opportunity to close the loop - reducing reliance on wild fish stocks

24/7 monitoring

oPods have an array of sensors that monitor a range of key parameters to manage water quality and maximise productivity.


Wave power recirculates cool water through pens, helping keep stock productive and healthy. Flows increase automatically when temperatures rise.

Premium prices

Partnering with Blue Carbon allows you to sell a premium product to discerning consumers, with a sustainable, organic, ‘blue tick’ seal of approval. Wider margins for you, better quality for customers.

Are you ready for the next generation of aquaculture? Book a demonstration today

Reducing costs, reducing risk, added to healthy stock and healthier profit margins create a sustainable business model. Contact us to book a demonstration, and see how we can tailor oPods to your needs.

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