About Us

Blue Carbon designs and builds oPods, whale-sized aquabots that pump up cold, nutrient-rich water from ocean depths to the surface. This can reverse coral bleaching, revitalize kelp forests, and make aquaculture truly sustainable.

We aim to restore the ocean, one system at a time.

Our Team

Dr Ana Novak

CEO & Founder

Eva Chiu

CFO & Founder

John Markos


Matthew Bungey


Sam Ibbott

Technical Director

Dr Martin Mathew

Principal Marine Scientist

Fred Barrett

Marine Engineer & Naval Architect

Guillaume Jolly

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyst

Dion Coghlan

General Manager

LinPeng Hai

Lead Electronics Engineer

Dr Akhilesh Vijay


Professor Jun Zhou

Data Vision, Sensing & A.I. Advisor

Associate Professor Julian Hill

Carbon Abatement & Agriculture Advisor

Katy Burgess

Senior Marketing Manager

Oscar Hillerstrom

Creative Director

Andrew Young

Energy Industries Ambassador

Our Partners