Creating a safety net for humanity

The ocean systems that first sparked and still safeguard life are our lifeline. Now, the ocean can buy us time. To reduce emissions. To increase food security, and peacefully adjust to climate migration as weather and water dislocate us.

Building a solution to the multi-dimensional planetary crisis.

Proven Technology

Over two years of design, manufacture and prototype development have been tested in five ocean trials (2022 – 2023) leading to a new generation of more powerful models, ready for commercial trials in Queensland and Tasmania.


Blue Carbon holds three patents pending for the oPod TM and its related technology. Innovations cover navigation, the use of novel materials and the elimination of fossil fuels in deployment.

Powered By Renewable Energy

Blue Carbon is strategically positioned in Australia, surrounded by vast coastline with direct access to harness the ocean’s power. Our solution is 100% wind, wave and solar-powered.


Nominee – Eureka Award

Australian Climate Tech Awards 2023

Finalist – GroundBreaker Prize 2024

FoodShot Global Challenge

Winner – Young Professional Start-Up Awards

Hong Kong Australia Business Association


Blue Carbon’s scientists, engineers, software specialists, and commercial experts are headquartered in Queensland, home of The Great Barrier Reef.

Hello oPodTM

A renewable-powered aquabot that captures carbon, protects coral reefs,
makes aquaculture sustainable,
and monitors ocean health as it restores it.

oPods can help create future food security.
They can protect our ocean ecosystems.
Building the safety net of time. ​

The clock is ticking to protect the world's largest ecosystem

0 GT

The ocean has absorbed ~213 billion tons of the atmospheric CO₂ emitted in the last 150 years.

100 %

Almost half (45%) of fish stocks are overfished – and nearly 1 in 10 have been driven to collapse.

100 %

Only 34% of Hard Coral Cover remains across the Great Barrier Reef (Aug 22 – May 23).

We’ve removed crucial natural links from the chain of life.

Kelp forests have been decimated.

80% of whales are gone.

oPods form the links that fix the chain that saves the planet.

The World of O - humanity's safety net

A single oPod can restore a marine neigbourhood.
A connection of oPods is an oGarden, a nursery for sea life.
A netwok of ocean intelligence (oI) across the globe builds a safety net for humanity.

Contact Us

For oPod documentation and demonstration.
Scope a research or commercial partnership.
To begin a future carbon credit application.
Enquire about capital investment timetables.

Blue Carbon Pty Ltd L19, 144 Edward St Brisbane City Queensland 4000 Australia

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